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Babine Porphyry Belt

The Babine Lake area has been historically well known for a significant number of porphyry-style mineral occurrences and deposits.

The mining industry is on the hunt for large copper deposits that have favorable grades and are in locations like BC that are amenable to mine developments.
Over 80% of the world’s copper production comes from large-scale open-pit porphyry copper mines.
According to a journal article titled ‘Gold in porphyry copper deposits: its abundance and fate’, Porphyry copper deposits are among the largest reservoirs of gold in the upper crust and are important potential sources for gold in lower temperature epithermal deposits…

In Canada, British Columbia enjoys the lion’s share of porphyry copper/ gold mineralization. These deposits contain the largest resources of copper, significant molybdenum and 50% of the gold in the province. There has been a definite trend by major mining companies towards making deals with junior resource companies that own copper/gold porphyry projects in BC. Teck Resources Limited has invested in American Eagles Nak project maintaining a 19.9% interest and Boliden Mineral Canada may invest $90 million to earn a 70% interest in the Duke deposit.

The most notable deposits are the Granisle and the Bell Mines as well as the recently discovered NAK deposit. The Bell copper mine was a significant producer of gold with past production and anticipated reserves totalling 68 million tonnes with a recovered and contained 17,755 kg (570,819 oz) of gold (Schroeter et al. 1989).

Bell Copper produced 21,349 tonnes of copper and 29,000 ounces gold in 1990. Additional mineral potential in the area has been ranked extremely high, as the Babine Lake area is the fourth most prospective in the entire Skeena-Nass mineral potential project area (MacIntyre et al. 1995). Maclntyre et al. (1996a) noted that in terms of 1986 dollars, the estimated value of known in-ground mineral resources is $1.96 billion and the value of the past production is estimated to be $1.13 billion. Assay results from the NAK property indicated 1.09% Cu equivalents over more than 300 metres. A rock sample from the Topley property yielded 6.84 grams/ton Gold (Carter, 1992). Mineral deposit types present in the region are classified as porphyry, Volcanic Massive Sulfide and epigenetic, characterized by disseminated, vein, and breccia hydrothermal systems.

Recent SGH sampling has confirmed the potential of the Topley property as a promising exploration-stage project. Its strategic location, coupled with access to existing infrastructure, substantially enhances its prospects, particularly if exploration reveal a deposit with economic potential. With the advancements in mineral exploration techniques since the historical work, there is now an enhanced ability to delineate targets beneath the 15 – 45 m layer of glacial till covering the claims. A follow-up program in the western area employing modern systematic exploration methods, including ground magnetics and induced polarization, is recommended.

* This information is derived from the NI 43-101 compliant report NI 43-101 TECHNICAL REPORT on the TOPLEY PROPERTY, Topley Landing, Babine Lake Area, Omineca MD, BC” with an effective date of May 7, 2021 and Statement of Work , October 31, 2023 Geologica Resource Corp.

The estimated value of known in-ground mineral resources is $1.96 billion and the value of the past production is estimated to be $1.13 billion

Why Topley?

Copper bearing float is reported.

On trend with American Eagle NAK discovery, Amarac JOY and Duke and past producing Bell and Granisle mines.

Magnetics suggest that this area is structurally complex with multiple circular magnetic features and a large magnetic high aligned with SGH copper and Gold anomalies

Large redox centers with corresponding VMS, gold and copper values from the recent SGH survey.

VMS similar to Eskay Creek HudBay drilled LEN-004 just west of the claims intersected intense epithermal alteration with Ag, Pb, and Zn

 Indicative of potential near surface, high grade deposit.
Analysis of the historic drilling on adjacent claims to the southwest appears to indicate an epithermal system.

Sporadic regional till samples in the area are in the 90th+ percentile for As, Sb, Pb, and Zn

A small lake on the claims contains the highest regional lake sediment samples for molybdenum.

Monzonite stocks within andesites are similar to Mt. Milligan.

Regional Geology

The Babine Lake Porphry Belt has been historically well known for a significant number of epithermal and porphyry-style mineral deposits.

Regional till samples in the area are in the 90th+ percentile for
As, Sb, Pb, and Zn, similar to Eskay Creek.

Recent NAK discovery of 302metres at 1.09% copper equivalents, Mkt. Cap. $90 million.Nearby past producing mines include, the Granisle and Bell copper mines
(21 KM and 26 KM respectively), NAK, Bell and Topley all located in
Hazelton Group bedrock.
A rock sample at Topley has yielded 6.84 grams/ton Gold (Carter, 1992).

Carter, N. (1992): Geological and Geochemical Report on Sampling of Diamond Drill Cores
and Percussion Hole Cuttings Gold Dust II Mineral Claim. BC Assessment Report #22025.

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